• start the program,
  • click on Play,
  • click on Standard,

You are now playing, one player with the default drone robots. In the centre is you.

Use left mouse button to fire and point guns. Use middle mouse button to point guns. Use right mouse button to point tank.

Use numbers from 0 through to 9 to set a speed. As you move, the maze moves around you, and you remain in the centre. Learn to navigate around the maze.

Learn to shoot at and kill the robots. You will need to shoot at where they will be, if they are moving. If you are moving, you may need to compensate for your motion.

Repair by stopping on an armour icon.

Restock weapons by stopping on a weapon icon and turning off your weapons, with the 'a' key.

This standard game ends once a player or robot has scored sufficient points.

Now, explore the options.

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