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Introduction Edit

ViX stands for Visualization of XML.

It has been devevelopped to create images from the ouput of the METRo software.

Download Edit

See license section for conditions of download and use.

Stable Edit

Git Edit

Host Edit

The METRo's project code is hosted on the METRo page on Framagit.

Changelog Edit

Please see the changelog page to read about the change between the different ViX release.

Documentation Edit

Usage Edit

In a general way, this application should be called in command line like this:

python roadcast.xml ./images/

The ouput images will be in the directory images and will have the names:

vix_ac.png  vix_fl.png  vix_rc.png  vix_st.png  vix_ws.png

Bugs Edit

For any bug report, please fill the bug report section on Framagit.

Contribute Edit

If you want to contribute in the ViX project, you can send a request to the METRo administrator.

License Edit

ViX is distributed under the GPL license.

For more information about this license, please visit the GPL FAQ.

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