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This article refers to the time zone code used for each station. Each country has is time zones. The codes are based on the QNX documentation about the TZ environment variable. Please refer to this page and to the page about the different time zones in wikipedia to add another country.

North America Edit

Canada Edit

Province code
Alberta MST7MDT
British Columbia PST8PDT
Labrador AST4ADT
Manitoba CST6CDT
New Brunswick AST4ADT
Nova Scotia AST4ADT
Nunavut (center) CST6CDT
Nunavut (east) EST5EDT
Nunavut (Southampton Island) CST6CDT
Nunavut (Rockies) MST7MDT
Newfounlands NST3:30NDT1:30
Ontario (west) CST6CDT
Ontario (east) EST5EDT
Prince Edward Island AST4ADT
Quebec EST5EDT
Saskatchewan CST6
Northwest Territories MST7MDT

METRo I/O files
Station | Observation | Forecast | Roadcast | Configuration
METRo I/O specification
Schema | | Flowchart | Format | Date | Observation QA/QC | Road condition | Station type | Time zone | Layer type | Latitude and longitude
METRo I/O examples
Station | Observation | Forecast | Roadcast | Graphical display

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