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Description Edit

This file contains the road weather forecast. Moreover, other usefull weather elements of the atmospheric forecast are included.

Except for the road condition, the values in the output files represent the field at the exact time. There is no averaging that is done during the 20 minutes period.

Version and revision date Edit

  • Version: 1.5
  • Revision date: March 1st 2007

Default location Edit

The standard directory where METRo is executed.

Contents Edit

Mandatory fields Edit

Header Edit

Field description Element name
Version number version
Date of creation production-date
Date and time of the first roadcast first-roadcast
Time zones of station time-zone
Latitude and longitude coordinate + latitude, longitude

Road forecast Edit

Field description Element name Unit
UTC Date of road forecast forecast-time ISO 8601
Time since the beginning of the road forecast hh Hours, decimal precision
Road surface temperaturestCelsius
Road sub surface temperature* (40 cm)sstCelsius
Air temperature at Celsius
Dew pointtd Celsius
Wind speed wskm/h
Quantity of snow or ice on the road sn cm
Quantity of rain on the road ramm
Total (1 hr) snow precipitation qp-sncm
Total (1 hr) rain precipitationqp-ramm
Solar fluxsfW/m²
Incident infra-red fluxirW/m²
Vapor fluxfvW/m²
Sensible heat fcW/m²
Anthropogenic flux faW/m²
Ground exchange flux fgW/m²
Blackbody effectbbW/m²
Phase changefpW/m²
Road conditionrcMETRo code
Octal cloud coverage**ccoctal

* If the layer type of the road is a bridge and if the bridge has a thickness of less than 40 cm, the air temperature below the bridge is written as output in the SST field. For more information about the temperature profil in under the ground, see the vertical levels article.

** When both solar and infra-red flux are given in the input atmospheric forecast file and both --use-solarflux-forecast and --use-infrared-forecast are given in the command line, the cloud cover value in the roadcast is set to -1.

Example Edit

<?xml version="1.0"?>

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