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This page is dedicated to the article published in the Journal of applied meteorology[1] and who is at the foundation of METRo.

Note that METRo 3 differs from the software, METRo 1, described in this article. For any question about these differences or regarding this article, please contact the METRo developers.

Information Edit

Runoff Edit

At the page 2029, the (10a) formula shows c=0.003 s-1. How this value is true only for the water (liquid) case. In the case of the snow/ice runoff, the value is c=0.0003 s-1.

In fact, the 10 factor for the snow comes from the assumption that the snow is removed at the 10 times more slowly than the water.

Error Edit

For now, there is only one error that have been noted in the METRo article. It consists of a sign of one of the factor of the equation (13) at the page 2030:

 F = a_{4}S^{4}_{t} + a_{3}S^{3}_{t} + a_{2}S^{2}_{t} + a_{1}S^{1}_{t} + a_{0}

The value for a_{0} is negative: a_{0}= - 0.435

Reference Edit

  1. Crevier, L.-P., and Y. Delage. METRo: A New Model for Road-Condition Forecasting in Canada . Journal of applied meteorology Vol. 40, November 2001, pages 2026-2037.

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