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Introduction Edit

METRo stands for Model of the Environment and Temperature of Roads. METRo is a road forecast software created in 1999 and distributed under the GPL license by Environment and Climate change Canada.

With the help of observations provided by a road weather station (road weather information system, RWIS) and the atmospheric forecast, METRo can, amongst other things, predict the roads conditions with particular interest such as: freezing rain, accumulation of snow, frost and thaw.

METRo is written in python and fortran 90 and can perform a 48 hours forecast on a standard desktop computer in less than 2 seconds.

METRo is included in the Commission for Basis Systems Software Registry of the World Meteorological Organization ( Global Data-processing Forecasting System).

Download Edit

See license section for conditions of download and use.

Documentation Edit

Usage Edit

In a general way, this application should be called in command line like this:

python metro --input-forecast /data/forecast/forecas.xml  \
--input-station /data/station/station_configuration.xml  \
--input-observation /data/observation/observation.xml  \
--output-roadcast roadcast.xml 

Bugs Edit

For any bug report, please fill the bug report section on gna website.

You can also visit the developers corner of this wiki to post a question or to read about your problem or the troubleshooting page to see if there is a workaround or if it has already been reported.

Contribute Edit

If you want to contribute in the METRo project, join the the METRo mailing list.

You can also consult the wish list to add an entry.

License Edit

METRo is distributed under the GPL license version 2.

For more information about this license, please visit the GPL FAQ.

Reference Edit

The METRo software is the implementation of the article:

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