This page contains the instructions to install the ViX package.

Platform Edit

ViX has been designed to run under GNU/Linux operating system on a x86 processor.

Prerequisite Edit

To use ViX, you will need the following software packages.

R Edit

You must have R on your system:

Remember (from INSTALL.UNIX of python::rpy package): First of all, you must check that you have built R with the configure option '--enable-R-shlib', in order to make R as a shared library. If not, the following steps should be enough:
<go to the R source directory>

make distclean
./configure --enable-R-shlib
make install

R :: Cairo Edit

You'll need the R binding to the Cairo library. Install Cairo on your computer and then, in R, type the following:


METRo Edit

Install the METRo software and all it's dependencies:

  • METRo
  • python :: libxml2

The ViX package works only with the libxml2 package, not the PyXML. See the notes corresponding to this package in the METRo installation article.

Python :: rpy2 Edit

The graphics of ViX are created with the R language. Since ViX his written in the python language, the R binding for python is needed:

ViX installation Edit

Python path Edit

The python interpreter must know where to find the python METRo files. The variable PYTHONPATH is used for that:

export PYTHONPATH=metro_root_directory/src/frontend/external_lib/:\

Translation files Edit

The translation files of METRo must be known to ViX. To do that, you have to go in the directory src of ViX and do the following command:

cd path_vix_root/src
ln -s path_to_metro/usr/share/locale/ locale

Note: path_to_metro means the path to the top-level metro directory where metro has been installed, not the directory where the original tar file was unpacked. The location where the METRo source is unpacked is in a directory called "metro-<version number>", e.g. metro-3.2.4, but the install directory will be named just "metro".

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