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This article describe what is currently done in a pre-process for the observation that are given in input for METRo.

The value of the threshold are written in the file provided with METRo.

Time constraint Edit

  1. If there is more than certain time between two observations A and B, B being the latest, all the previous observations before B are removed from the analysis. By default, this limit is 240 minutes (4 hours).
  2. All observations that are 48 hours or more before the first road forecast are removed.
  3. Let H, the first hour when METRo provided a road forecast. All observations after the H time are not be used.
  4. Let 2 consecutive observations, consecutive in the order they are written in the XML file, A and B. If the content of the time element (<observation-time>) of A is after the time element of B (after in the sense that the 15th July is after the 14th July), METRo is aborted and an error message displays where the observation problem is.

Air temperature Edit

  1. If any of the observed air temperature is under -60°C or over 50°C, all the observed value for air temperature are replaced by those of atmospheric forecast.

Dew point Edit

  1. If any of the observed dew point is under -60°C or over 50°C (same threshold than air temperature), the observed value is replaced by those of atmospheric forecast.
  2. If the temperature of the dew point is over the temperature of the air temperature at the same moment, the value of dew point is replaced by the value of air temperature.

Road (sub)surface temperature Edit

  1. If the surface temperature or the sub-surface temperature is under -40°C or over 80°C, all the observation for this time (air temperature, dew point, etc.) are removed.

Wind speed Edit

  1. If any of the wind speed observation is over 90 km/h, all the observed value for wind speed are replaced by those of atmospheric forecast.

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