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This article contains a graphical representation of the road forecast made by METRo. The code to create the images from the METRo output is distributed under a GPL license and can be found on the ViX article.

The current example is a roadcast for February 6-7 2005 for a station in Ontario located at:

  • Latitude: 46.33743
  • Longitude: -84.01036

Files used for this roadcast can be found here:

Roadcast Edit

The legend is :

  • Blue: road temperature;
  • Red: air temperature;
  • Green: dew point;
  • Yellow triangle: Sunrise and sunset time for this location.
  • Cloud cover: The bold line at the top of the graph shows the cloud cover for the forecast time. Clouds value from 1 to 8 have been mapped to grey shades, 1 for light grey and 8 for black. Cloud value 0 has been mapped to clear blue, as we can see at the top right of the graph.
Metro 2005-02-05T20 00Z st

Accumulation on the road Edit

The legend is :

  • Blue: Liquid water;
  • Light Blue: Solid water;

Metro 2005-02-05T20 00Z ac

Flux Edit

The legend is :

  • Orange: Solar flux;
  • Red: Infra-red flux;
  • Light sky blue: Vapor flux;
  • Lime green:Sensible heat;
  • Black:Black body;
  • Purple:Phase change;
  • Peachpuff: Anthropogenic flux;
  • Gray:Total.
  • Yellow triangle: Sunrise and sunset time for this location.

Metro 2005-02-05T20 00Z fl

Wind speed Edit

Metro 2005-02-05T20 00Z ws

Road condition Edit

Metro 2005-02-05T20 00Z rc

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