GR32 has a large learning curve, the official documentation for GR32 documents all of the classes with their properties and methods but does not explain how all these classes work together. The purpose of this documentation is not to replace the official documentation but only to provide additional documentation on how these classes work together.

GR32 is based on a 32 bit bitmap. GR32 has no method for drawing a circle. You can draw lines and squares and manipulate the pixels. The bulk of GR32 is not in drawing basic shapes but is in rendering.

Basic Capabilities
  • Pixel manipulation
  • Alpha Blending
  • Line drawing
Rendering Capabilities
  • Transformations
  • Re-Sampling
  • Layers
  • Alpha Channel for transparencies

Relation of Classes Edit

The class representing the bitmap is TBitmap32 and each pixel is 32 bits in size which contains R, G, B, and an alpha channel.

Basic Bitmap Rendering
TImage32 is a visual component for displaying a TBitmap32. The image displayed by TImage32 is assigned via the Bitmap property.