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The e*Gate Integrator Wikia is for documentation on the e*Gate Integrator software – An Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tool.

Description Edit

SeeBeyond is a vendor that sells Enterprise Application Integrations (EAI) software. EAI software is used to allow disparate systems to communicate through a common channel. This facilitates standards, reuse, monitoring, scaleabiliy, and support. e*Gate Integrator is SeeBeyond's base EAI software package and is built, depending on the version, using a variety of the Scheme language called Monk (in the earlier versions) and Java (in the later versions).

Timeline Edit

NOTE: These dates are probably all wrong, especially the early ones. If you have more accurate information on the early years, please don't hesitate to add it.

History Edit

[todo] Add historical facts here.

Resources Edit

  • Started: 17 February, 2006
  • Founder: RNHurt
  • Main language: English

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