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This is the changelog of METRo. You might also want to look at the roadmap.

Current stable Edit

Current stable release is METRo version 3.3.0. Next available version is 3.3.1.

Version 3.3 Edit

Version 3.3.1 Edit

Date: September 21st 2016
Download: METRo 3.3.1

Changes Edit

Version 3.3.0 Edit

Date: March 10th 2015
Download: METRo 3.3.0

Changes Edit

  • Add a sun-shadow algorithm for the road, based on the sky-view information added in the station file. (See Task 7247)
  • Add an option to fix the deep temperature of the road (See Task 7859)
  • Shift the Time array by 30 seconds in This was giving a bug when a specific Roadcast time was given as an argument, giving 0.0⁰C as SST temperature for the first roadcast temperature.
  • Remove the Warnings for the C and fortran code (gcc/gfortran > 4.4.3)
  • Remove VENMIN subroutine in lib_therm.f file to modify the wind according to sunrise/sunset computed time. Currently those values are hardcoded (see bug 9042);
  • Fix the solar flux, computed with all the factors at every hours (See Task 5838)

Version 3.2 Edit

Version 3.2.7 Edit

Date: May 27th 2013
Download: METRo 3.2.7

Changes Edit

  • Add the Anthropogenic Flux as an optionnal input.
  • Bug in the output of the precipitation (see bug 20190).
  • Set the min lower pressure to 700 mb instead of 900 mb in
  • Add the sensor depth as an optional parameters
  • Remove code for a condition that was never met in macadam.c
  • Remove the file global.h
  • Add the option "-Wall" in the call of gfortran in the file do_macadam. Modify the fortran code to remove the warnings at the compilation.
  • Convert message files (.po and .mo) to UTF-8 encoding.
  • Force the compilation at installation

Version 3.2.6 Edit

Date: Septembre 27th 2010 Download: METRo 3.2.6

Changes Edit

  • Fixe bug of the sign of zero (see bug 16715)

Version 3.2.5 Edit

Date: August 7th 2010
Download: METRo 3.2.5

Changes Edit

  • 10-20% diminution of METRo's execution time.
  • Remove the xml.utils.iso8061 package dependency. See task 6969.
  • Remove the pyxml package dependency.
  • Handle exception with class instead of string. See task 4179

Version 3.2.4 Edit

Date: October 30th 2009
Download: METRo 3.2.4

Changes Edit

  • pythonic comments in:
  • Real rewritting of fortran function SIGN in
  • Bug fix in (see bug 14318)
  • Bug fix that was creating an unbelievable road surface temperature (see bug 14558)
  • Remove the atmospheric forecast from the output.

Version 3.2.3 Edit

Date: September 10th 2009
Download: METRo 3.2.3

Changes Edit

  • Correct the bug producing NaN in the output see bug 14186.

Version 3.2.2 Edit

Date: August 18th 2009
Download: METRo 3.2.2

Changes Edit

  • Convert the script to call bash explicitely instead of sh. See the thread about gfortran Error error on the Gna! mailing list.
  • Verbosity level of log messages now match the man page (see bug 12905).
  • Remove the default road layer value and add an error message when this layer is invalid in the configuration file. See Metro-developers mailing list.
  • Right format for the copyright of the Crown.
  • Add "Sand" as a possible layer type.
  • Number of hours for the roadcast is now dynamically sets instead of a max of 100 hours (see bug 14148)

Version 3.2.1 Edit

Date: October 17th 2008
Download: METRo 3.2.1

Changes Edit

Version 3.2.0 Edit

Date: April 25th 2008
Download: METRo 3.2.0


  • Observation and forecast file can start at the same time. See bug 10335.
  • Use package numpy instead of numarray;
  • Correction of the bug 8772 regarding the input atmospheric forecast file not having an entry at each hour.
  • Optimization of balanc.f (commit 184).
  • Remove the and binaries. See support 1761;
  • Support for 64-bits (see bug 12385);
  • Move function from process module ( to toolbox module ( and;
  • Option for use of infrared and solar radiation instead of cloud cover. See task 5753
  • Add the temperature of all the sub surface levels in the output roadcast;

Version 3.1 Edit

Version 3.1.0 Edit

Date: September 10th 2007
Download: METRo 3.1.0

Changes Edit

  • Change in the directory tree to be FSH compliant, see;
  • Bug fix: The road albedo was used instead of the snow albedo in the routine balanc.f (who compute the roadcast!);
  • METRo now remove the unused observations, it used to exit abnormaly when observation file was too long. See
  • METRo exits when there is only one forecast date.

Version 3.0 Edit

Version 3.0.4 Edit

Date: April 22th 2007
Download: METRo 3.0.4

Changes Edit

  • Differentiation between last observation and first date of roadcast. The tag <first-roadcast> now corresponds at the first roadcast date in the ouput file of METRo and not to the last time of the input file for observations.
  • Update of translation file (*.po and *.mo).
  • Pythonic comments:

Version 3.0.3 Edit

Date: March 1st 2007
Download: METRo 3.0.3

Changes Edit

  • Subsurface temperature (SST) added in the output.
  • Detection of gfortran library at install time. If libgfortran is not available, will recompile metro model.
  • Translation of comments in files:
    • macadam.c
    • macadam.h
    • macadam.i
    • coupla.f
    • balanc.f

Version 3.0.2 Edit

Date: February 1st 2007
Download: METRo 3.0.2

Changes Edit

  • Remove unused variables in fortran code. See
  • Explicit message for bad perfomances of PyXML. See
  • Fix bug about the solar fluxes getting null to soon. See
  • Translation of comments in files:
  • Correct french translation for messages in file
  • Remove the "lib" directory. Make adjustment to scripts using the "lib" directory.
  • make_package script now ignore the ".svn" directory instead of the "CVS" one.
  • make_package: The package is now built outside of the dev tree. A message indicate where the package is saved.
  • now display a clearer message for the "--selftest".
  • Remove some file generated by swig.
  • do_macadam detect fortran compiler (g77 or gfortran). If no one is found, it let the user define one with: export FC="my_fortran_compiler". See
  • Remove "-Wimplicit" from fortran compilation.

Version 3.0.1 Edit

Date: December 19th 2006
Download: METRo 3.0.1

Changes Edit

  • Stability check for the CFL condition in file grille.f. See
  • Added a check for the success of the METRo physical model (error message is: Fatal error in METRo physical model.)
  • Translation of comments in:
    • grille.f
    • initial.f
    • coupla.f

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